Welcome to Technofin

We have the expertise and experience to provide a wide range of services in the financing field, furnishing the market with a balanced service of research and skills

  • Transactions are all individually structured to suit your client’s financial needs.
  • All information is pricate and handled with the utmost confidentiallity.
  • Feedback on completed applications can be handed is within 48 hours.
  • We will negotiated the best rental rates based on your client’s application.  
  • All rentals are 100% tax deductable as a operating expence.
  • Various terms and escelations are available to allow for more comprehensive options.
  • We assist can establish credit line facilicities for blue chip.

 Feel free to contact us: https://technofin.co.za/


Room 29 | Building 17 B
CSIR Campus | Dr Meiring Naudé Road
Brummeria | Pretoria | SOUTH AFRICA


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