NeoLux, Daavlin’s latest innovation, combines many unique features that together set it apart from the competition, among them, SmartTouch™ control, Crystal Cool™ temperature management, Crystal Clear™ acrylic interior and more. Backed by a comprehensive warranty, NeoLux is safer, more efficient and more user intuitive than any phototherapy unit currently available.

Crystal Clear Acrylic

The NeoLux full body phototherapy cabinet features Daavlin’s new Crystal Clear acrylic interior, which protects from accidental lamp contact by the patient and provides unobstructed light delivery. In addition to being easy to clean, the sealed acrylic panels prevent dust build-up on the lamps.

Maximum Efficiency

The NeoLux design uses as few as 40 lamps. Fewer lamps mean lower maintenance and electrical costs. The newly developed UV reflecting system enhances light output by partially surrounding each lamp to maximize reflectivity, resulting in a more efficient device.

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