What can you treat with the Clatuu?

Abdominal Region, Back and Thighs

Body Contouring and Stubborn Fat

What will your patients experience?

A One of a Kind Treatment

Body Contouring and Fat Reduction

Customized Treatment Plans

Max Comfort and Convenience

Safe and Secure System

Non-invasive and Zero Downtime

Enhancing Results

What are the main advantages for your practice?

Advanced 360° Surround Cooling Technology

Dual Applicators for Customized and Absolute Treatments

User-friendly Maintenance and Operation

Growing Demand for Cooling Treatments

Complements Other Treatments

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Highly Profitable ROI

Technology for Doctors

The 360° Surround Cooling capability of the CLATUU targets large deposits of localized fat and triggers a natural process of apoptosis to dispose of unwanted fat cells.

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