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Action II

“Er:YAG laser is a safer device that can remove various epidermal and dermal lesions with minimal damage to surrounding normal tissue. ACTION also has fractional mode and long pulse mode, so we are able to utilize this machine for many cosmetic problems such as photo-damaged skin and warts without bleeding.”

Joo Yeon Ko, MD, South Korea

“ACTION II is a multi-functional 2940 nm Er:YAG laser providing conventional resurfacing, but with the addition of three other modes: the long pulsed,fractional and unique ‘shining peel’ modes ACTION II is a truly outstanding choice for the single-doctor clinic, because the system offers unparalleled ease of use with safety, solidity and breakdown-free reliability.

I can confidently recommend ACTION II as an essential device for the state-of-the-art clinic, representing the most ultra-advanced Er:YAG laser in the world. ”

Jiehoon Kim, MD, South Korea


"The ADVANTAGE provides optimal efficacy with reduced procedure time utilizing the larger spot size to not only reduce treatment time but also to penetrate deeply enough to maximize hair removal outcomes."

"ADVANTAGE allows users to adjust both the fluence and pulse widths to provide customized treatments according to the individual patient needs."

WooSeok Koh, MD, South Korea

"I tested the device on myself and found it to be very effective.”

“I like that we don’t have to tell patients they must wait until their second or third treatment to see results. With ADVANTAGE, results come rapidly. The comments from our patients have been extremely uplifting.”

“I think ADVANTAGE is excellent. It is a truly outstanding device among its peers in the market."

Jennifer Lee, MD, USA


“I have been using Clarity since early Dec, 2012. I have not received any complaints from my patients. Patients are very satisfied with its rapid and painless treatments. The trearmtments gather speed As shaving is not required before the hair removal treatment.

I especially used 12 – 15mm spots. I treated face, back and breast with Nd.YAG. Alexandrite was very satisfactory for the rest of the body. I’ve been using Nd:YAG on dark skinned and wheat skinned patients. I've been using 20 mm spot size on arms and legs, 12mm for face and 15mm for the other parts of the body.”

Kubilay Yucel, MD, Turkey

“ CLARITY long pulsed 755 nm Alexandrite is very effective for various pigment issues and photo rejuvenation without crusting. Generally wrinkles, pores or skin laxity can be improved all together with this dual wavelength workhorse. Advanced features of CLARITY provide me the ability to perform multiple combination treatment techniques. I prefer speedy hair removal feature of CLARITY, it is really efficient for fine hair removal.”

Chong-Hyun Won, MD, South Korea


“I really feel like it stands among the best. Features that set it apart; its usability; it are really easy to dial in [parameters]. It has a Static Mode that I typically use to treat the entire face or surface area that I am treating. Then it has this wonderful Dynamic Mode too that you can use to feather and paint edges so you do not have clear lines of demarcation. I found patient recovery is right on. Speed; in comparing it to other technologies that are fractionated CO2 devices, patients heal quickly and their results are outstanding. ”

Melanie Palm, MD, USA

“We use the eCO2 for all of our cosmetic laser resurfacing and the incisional handpiece for all of the blepharoplasty procedures at the Duke Cosmetic Center. The eCO2 has had a tremendous positive impact on my practice. Patients want to know they can have the most up to date technology available and the fractional handpiece really provides that.

All of our patients have been very happy with their laser resurfacing. It is one of my favorite procedures because it is dramatic and patients can see such a great difference in comparison to other technologies where you have to prepare the patients for more subtle results.

I would highly recommend the eCO2 to my peers and a few that have purchased the system have been very happy with it so far. ”

Julie Ann Woodward MD, USA


"HEALITE II is a useful adjunct to almost any aesthetic treatment. It is so important now that I couldn’t imagine practicing aesthetic medicine without it.”

Won-Serk Kim, MD, South Korea


"INFINI is very effective for treating a wide range of skin conditions including acne scars, active acne, fine wrinkles, trauma scars, photo-aged skin, skin laxity, excessive sebum secretion and large pores."

HangRae Cho, MD, South Korea

"In my experience, by acting on multiple layers of skin INFINI causes excellent collagen induction leading to interstitial fibrosis there by bringing about good tightening effect."

Satish Savant, MD, India

"INFINI’s ability to deliver RF energy safely and effectively to the dermis and epidermis has set it apart from other RF devices, it is wonderful for atrophic or deep acne scars, facial tightening and even striae."

B. Chandrashekar, MD, India

Mosaic HP

“... extremely versatile and probably the most capable non-ablative laser system on the world market... from general skin rejuvenation to improving outcomes for fresh scars, remodeling of old scars (acne, surgical, traumatic), improving control of active acne, reducing photodamage, dyschromia and fine lines.”

David Holcomb, M.D, USA


"I have been using different IPL systems in the past decade. Since about more than a year ago, I had this chance to work with the Solari system and I really like it.

The Solari system provides a very wide range of applications, though my main usage was for hair removal. In comparison with the other IPL systems(I rather not to name them!), the Solari is very robust and reliable. In my opinion, its main advantage is its cooling system which is very effective and makes the procedure almost totally painless.

From the technical point of view, the Solari IPL system is different from the other IPL systems mainly because of its sharp cut-off filtering technology. Another advantage of the Solari system is the capability of using different pulse widths with flexible relaxation times. With these capabilities and its unique cooling system, the rates of side effects are very low with the Solari. Actually, personally had no side effects with the Solari, so far!

In summary, the Solari system is a reliable, safe, fast and very user friendly IPL system I have ever worked with!"

Omid Zargari, MD, Iran


“Lutronic’s advanced dual mode Nd:YAG SPECTRA laser will bring your practice amazing treatment versatility. Treatments for melasma, tattoo removal, non-ablative resurfacing, as well as pigmented lesions. Our patients are very happy with their results. Additionally, its two dye headpieces are excellent choices for various colored tattoos.”
Mitchel Goldman, MD, USA

“The SPECTRA Q-Switched 1064nm laser is a compact, powerful and user friendly device that has surprised and impressed me significantly.”
Christopher Zachary, MD, USA

“I have found that one of my favorite devices is the SPECTRA™. I love the Spectra--it's a very versatile machine that allows me to treat pigmentary issues, blood vessels, enlarged pores, skin texture, and unwanted tattoos of ALL colors with one device.”
Melanie Palm, MD, USA