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Medical lasers, IPL and aesthetic equipment
  • Fotona LightWalker - Dentistry Lasers
  • Fotona QX MAX - Aesthetics, Aesthetic Lasers
  • Fotona - SP Line, SP Spectro, SP Dynamis - Aesthetic Laser, Surgery Laser
  • Invasix BodyTite - Advanced Body Refinement Laser, Reduce Fat Laser, Firm and Shape Laser
  • Invasix FaceTite - Tightening Laser, Energy Based Laser
  • Invasix Fractora - Skin Rejuvenation Laser, Skin Resurfacing Laser
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“My choice of the ELLIPSE I²PL is based on collegial recommendations. Decisive were the superior results compared with any Alexandrite laser. This is related to dual mode filtering and true square pulse technology of to the Ellipse. Running costs are exceptionally low, compared to other IPL systems."

Dr J. Louw, 3 Dorset Place, Vincent, East London, 5247, South Africa

Light SPT+

"WOW - my customers are satisfied!! I had a client with pigmented lesions all over her face. After just one treatment she is already extremely happy!!
I had another client who had very many thread veins on his nose and cheeks. After two treatments his visual facial thread veins are practically gone. I am very content with my Ellipse system!!
Thank you Scanex (Ellipse's distributor in Sweden) for all your good support and for an unbelievably good machine."

Mina Moghadam, Beauty Care, Stockholm, Sweden

MicroLight HR

I perform several hundred hair removal treatments in my clinic every month and have been in the IPL Hair Removal industry since 2002. I have experience with several other IPL systems, which require up to 12 treatments for satisfactory hair removal. I chose my MicroLight system because of its better hair clearance performance - good results are obtained already after 6-7 treatments. I also prefer MicroLight because of its larger footprint and rapid pulse repetition rate, which reduces treatment time; and its attractively lower running costs. It maintains a very comfortable treatment for darker skin types without the need for post-treatment skin cooling. In meeting the high demand of treatments, I also find that the system needs very little maintenance, which means that I can get on with it without having to worry about machine-downtime.

Mrs. Tabby Kara, owner/therapist, Skin & Body International, Lenasia, South Africa

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