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Medical lasers, IPL and aesthetic equipment
  • Fotona LightWalker - Dentistry Lasers
  • Fotona QX MAX - Aesthetics, Aesthetic Lasers
  • Fotona - SP Line, SP Spectro, SP Dynamis - Aesthetic Laser, Surgery Laser
  • Invasix BodyTite - Advanced Body Refinement Laser, Reduce Fat Laser, Firm and Shape Laser
  • Invasix FaceTite - Tightening Laser, Energy Based Laser
  • Invasix Fractora - Skin Rejuvenation Laser, Skin Resurfacing Laser
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About Us

Technolase is a privately-owned, diversified company serving the medical fraternity and the aesthetic and well-being industries. We focus on improving people’s lives through the use of advanced aesthetic equipment with special emphasis on laser technology. Our headquarters are in Pretoria, South Africa, but we serve the whole of South Africa (as well as some of the neighbouring countries), providing equipment, dedicated training and technical support to customers


The company was founded in 1991 and has experienced remarkable growth during the past two decades. Over the years, Technolase has become a market leader in clinically-proven technology and equipment for the dermatology, medical aesthetic, plastic surgery and related health and beauty markets. By combining sound know-how and clinical expertise, Technolase has succeeded in
providing aesthetic solutions to a wide range of users.

Technolase today

Today, Technolase still aims to provide solutions to common and visible problems in adult skins, including premature ageing, sun damage, unwanted fatty deposits (cellulite), hyperpigmentation (irregular or patchy discolouration of the skin), acne, rosacea and soft tissue deficits such as fine lines and wrinkles. Our range of cutting-edge systems utilizes a wide variety of specialized technologies, e.g. laser and light systems, radiofrequency, low and high frequency ultrasounds, skinpeeling technology, needle-free mesotherapy, bio-stimulating currents and advanced skin care formulations.

Products, services and training are supplied to hospitals, government institutions, clinics, medical practitioners, physiotherapists, health spas and beauty salons.

The application of laser procedures has increased over the last decade and Technolase has accordingly expanded its services to include financing and rental of capital equipment to its clients. We pride ourselves on our equipment and product selection. Products are sourced for their quality, efficacy, reliability, safety and back-up service.

Company philosophy

Technolase subscribes to the philosophy of selecting products that will ensure quality at the most affordable prices to its clients. Criteria for selection include:
• Sourcing of clinically tried and tested products
• Consideration of all safety elements in practice and of certification (e.g. CE/FDA approval)
• Selection on the grounds of affordability, without compromising on the best systems/products
• Availability of back-up service and training