• Vidix WPT Camera is the smallest and lightest camera of the world, a masterpiece with the highest quality components available today on the market.

  • The used materials such as carbon fiber plus electronic, mechanical and optical components express the excellence of our territory.

  • Non-invasive digital video dermoscopy

  • It allows a real evaluation of colors and microstructures of the epidermis, dermo-epidermal junctions, and capillaries not visible to the naked eye.

  • Optimal viewing with double monitor

  • VIDIX was the first videodermatoscope equipped with a double monitor for optimal viewing and therefore a better analysis of the acquired images.

  • World's smallest and lightest camera

  • The new Vidix WPT Camera is the smallest and lightest camera in the world, with the highest quality currently available on the market.

  • Software equipped with the mapping function

  • It allows a quick and accurate follow-up to be performed using the drag & drop method.

  • Colors like the reality, better than a full hd

  • WPT Camera with the largest and brightest pixels of all time allows you to have colors more faithful to reality and better than a full hd.

  • Wide range of live optical magnifications

  • Fast image acquisition and optical magnification selection (7x-10x-20x-30x-50x-70x-100x-150x).

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