You will measure precisely the size of tumor

You will apply DermaMed to analyze the condition of pathologically changed skin

You will perform precise needle biopsy

This high frequency ultrasound scanner provides you with accurate imaging of healthy and pathologically changed skin and its appendages. It will deliver all necessary data and help you to choose and estimate efficiency of the treatment.

A probe weighing 300 g with a frequency of 48 MHz is connected to your favourite computer and immediately you are ready to perform examinations and save images and cine loops. The probe operates with a touch screen or a mouse. Post-processing will optimize the image. Extraordinary easy to operate.

For whom is DermaMed?

  • For dermatologists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons who require accurate equipment in order to perform precise estimation of epidermis, skin and subcutaneous of a patient.
  • For Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology
  • For Dermatology and Oncology

Where can it be applied?

You will be able to carry out fast and accurate:

  • examination of health skin, including the level of its hydration,
  • imaging of almost all neoplastic lesions (cancerous and non-cancerous) and estimate invasive character of those changes, its penetration and its stage.
  • examination of cicatricial alopecia,
  • estimation and observation of localized scleroderma, estimation of its degree and efficiency of its treatment.

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