Our hood and togas are intended to help protect both the patient and the healthcare professional from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate material. The hood is a stand-alone head cover that may be worn with a separate surgical gown, while the toga is a one-piece head and body cover. 

Wearing a full body suit can cause hot and humid waste air to get trapped in your suit. To keep your body cool, ViVi’s patented two-fan system pushes waste air through a filter out of the suit and away from your patient, making room for fresh air.

A high performance air intake eliminates internal re-circulation of waste air. Breath 100% fresh and filtered air. Stay focused and be effective!

The system provides not only high air flow for cooling, but also exceptionally high air exchange rates inside your suit. This ensures that you do not breath in your own waste air!

Gesture Control

Nod your head to adjust the fan speed. Keep your hands at the patient! ViVi® uses motion sensing technology to recognize gestures.

Activity Sensing

The more you move, the hotter it gets. Not anymore! ViVi®uses activity sensing to automatically adjust fan speed to your level of physical activity.

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