Slimming and Shaping
Remove cellulite, shrink waist circumference, shape a perfect body curve

Wrinkle Removal
Remove the crow's feet and improve the skin around the eyes

Lifting and Tightening
Firming skin and enhance skin elasticity

Relaxing Massage
Accelerate metabolism, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

  • Combine 5 technologies to eliminate stubborn cellulite in all directions
  • 4 different handles and 6 treatment areas can meet the treatment of various parts of the body
  • 800w high-power RF power supply, stable output and strong energy
  • Imported flow valve from Japan SMC company, air flow control accuracy, sensitivity is much higher than ordinary solenoid valve
  • Imported negative pressure pump from ULVAC, Japan, with uniform suction, ensuring treatment effect and comfort

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