Clinell Rediroom is a temporary, mobile pop up isolation room that can be assembled around a bed space in less than 5 minutes, even with a patient in residence. It is intended to isolate patients where there is a risk of transmission of infection to others.

Comprising of two components, it consists of one main, reusable frame, which doubles as a PPE station, and a disposable, single-use canopy. The canopy is disposed of after each patient use, or after 14 days, reducing the risk of transmission.

Where to use Rediroom:

  • Multi-bed wards
  • ICUs
  • Emergency rooms
  • Open-plan areas such as dialysis/chemotherapy day units
  • Help prevent infections and reduce transmission opportunity through deployment of an isolation area
  • HEPA & activated carbon filtration to contain contaminated air inside Rediroom, with 12 air changes per hour
  • Optimises opportunity for best practice with regard to hand hygiene and PPE use
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to move
  • Doubles as a mobile PPE station
  • Can be assembled around patient
  • Automated hands-free doors

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