Safe and rapid stroke assessment and monitoring that complements MRI and CT, bringing stroke diagnosis closer to symptom onset

As a safe and comfortable device with a fast scanning procedure, EMTensor BrainScanner provides radiologists and neurologists with a series of 3D images continuously throughout an observation period.

A radiologist or neurologist can remotely view the scans at any time.

  • ICU teams can use EMTensor BrainScanner in “monitoring mode” to provide alerts when a patient’s condition changes. This will facilitate management of adverse effects of interventions.
  • The device can be used in a stroke patient’s room or in the ICU and as part of rehabilitation process.

Complementary bedside brain imaging solution

EMTensor BrainScanner allows paramedics to quickly scan a patient’s brain in the ambulance before transportation, within 10 minutes of arrival at the
scene. A 3D image is transferred wirelessly to a neurologist or radiologist for immediate diagnosis. This allows quick triage of the stroke patient and early
initiation of stroke treatment.

This solution reduces transfer time and costs by the correct routing based on a clinical decision.

In-ambulance brain imaging for triage of stroke patients

EMTensor BrainScanner is a unique, small, and cost-effective imaging modality that complements MRI and CT in diagnostic and management of stroke.

EMTensor BrainScanner is a cost-saving bedside brain imaging solution for the general hospital environment, including (but not limited to) the emergency room, intensive care unit, and radiology department.

  • Can be positioned anywhere in the hospital, bringing brain imaging to the patient and thereby avoiding the complications, risks, time, and costs of moving a sick patient to an MRI or CT scanner.
  • Rapid set-up and scanning ability saves time during the scanning process, quickly providing results.
  • Can be operated by a team of two trained personnel without the involvement or supervision of highly qualified radiologists.
  • Allows 24/7 in-hospital head scanning capabilities, promoting efficient time
  • management.

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