The New Age Balance Assessment Platform

Balance Eye from Cyclops Medtech is a new age advanced and professional comprehensive balance assessment solution for diagnosing vertigo and balance disorders. The solution comprises of state of the art eye tracking goggles and software modules powered by robust algorithms. The entire solution has been designed by a team of neuro vestibular professionals and computer vision and image processing experts. The product can be readily deployed in ENT clinics, neuro vestibular labs and balance assessment and vertigo clinics as well as radio diagnostic centers, audiology centers and most of the hospitals.



Eye movement assessment provides for an excellent tool in neurological assessment. Negligible inertia of eye ball, absence of a stretch reflex in eye muscle and reciprocal firing in agonist – antagonist muscles – these factors mean that eye movement closely correlates with the firing in motor neurons. Thus ocular motor assessment protocols in Balance Eye TM becomes a powerful tool in neurological assessment for a variety of disorders.


Ewalds law shows that nystagmus direction correlates with the part of the inner ear being involved with the disease. Thus, single canal, combination of canals and canal – otolith organs have signature nystagmus directions that can be accurately assessed. Combined with head impulse test and a variety of provoking manoeuvres, Balance Eye TM becomes a robust tool for vestibular assessment.

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