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Medical lasers, IPL and aesthetic equipment
  • Fotona LightWalker - Dentistry Lasers
  • Fotona QX MAX - Aesthetics, Aesthetic Lasers
  • Fotona - SP Line, SP Spectro, SP Dynamis - Aesthetic Laser, Surgery Laser
  • Invasix BodyTite - Advanced Body Refinement Laser, Reduce Fat Laser, Firm and Shape Laser
  • Invasix FaceTite - Tightening Laser, Energy Based Laser
  • Invasix Fractora - Skin Rejuvenation Laser, Skin Resurfacing Laser
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Technical Features
Coax Med

Bipolar RF: 850KHz
Monopolar RF: from 300KHz to 1 MHz
Nominal Energy: Up to 350 Watt
Ultrasounds: 28 KHz
Nominal Energy: Up to 100 Watt
Cryo: - 10°
Pulse Duration: continuous/pulsed
Maximum Vacuum rate: 40 lt per minute
Power Rate: 220 - 110 VAC ± 10%, 60 Hz
Dimension: 740 x 560 x 1360 mm
Weight: 50 Kg

Fusio Med - Table Top Model

LF ultrasound

Frequency: 28KHz
Energy: 35W
Transducer Diameter: 50 mm
Repetition Rate Frequency: Continuous, frm 400ms to 1s
Pulse duration: 320ms

Face Radiofrequency

RF face applicator function: Monopolar e Bipolar
Monopolar. Frequency: 600KHz, 850KHz e 300÷1000KHz (change with the program);
amplitude modulated signal with sinusoidal modulating, frequency 0.3Hz
Bipolar. Frequency: 850KHz amplitude modulated signal with sinusoidal modulating
Frequency: 0.5Hz
Energy: 100W (Max)
Localized cooling: from 0 to 28ºC

Radiofrequency Body
Rf body applicator: Monopolar
Frequency: 500KHz, 600KHz
Energy: 130 W (max)
Localized Cooling: from 0 to 28ºC

Vacuum face/body
Suction: 66.6KPa (Max)
Mode: Continua/impulsata

General Characteristics
Start: Pedal
Electrical power: 100÷240 Vac 50/60Hz
Energy: 450 W (max)
Class: II B
Dimensions: 320(H) x 460(W) x 540(D) mm
Weight: 30kg

Fusio Med Ice

Bipolar RF: 850 KHz
Monopolar RF: from 300KHz to 1 MHz
Nominal Energy: up to 350 Watt
Ultrasound: 28 KHz
Nominal Energy: fino a 100 Watt
Cryo: -10°
Pulse duration: continuous/pulsed
Maximum vacuum rate: 40 Lt per minuto
Power Rate: C 220 - 110 VAC ± 10%, 60 Hz
Dimensions: 740mm X 560 mm X 300 mm
Weight: 30 Kg


Laser Source: Diode
Beam Dimension: 16mm2
Maximum laser fluence: 100 m/w
Maximum Vacuum rate: 60lt per minute
Peel: Crystal
Monopolar RF: from 300KHz to 1 MHz
Nominal Energy: up to 350 Watt
Electroporation: 1100 - 1800 Hz
Electrical: 220 - 110VAC 10%, 60Hz
Dimensions: 640x580x360 mm
Weight: 25 Kg