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Laser Rental for the Following Procedures


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Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) surgery is a procedure that aims to eliminate fluid and mucus retention within the lacrimal sac, and to increase tear drainage for relief of epiphora (water running down the face). A DCR procedure involves removal of bone adjacent to the nasolacrimal sac and incorporating the lacrimal sac with the lateral nasal mucosa in order to bypass the nasolacrimal duct obstruction. This allows tears to drain directly into the nasal cavity from the canaliculi via a new low-resistance pathway.

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Microlaryngoscopy is the examination of your larynx (voice box) while you are under a general anaesthetic. Microlaryngoscopy is done to find and treat problems of the voice box, such as hoarseness.

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An eyelid papilloma is any lesion on the eyelid that is papillomatous, that is, of smooth, rounded, or pedunculated elevation. The lesion that most commonly fits this description is a benign squamous papilloma
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Cyclodiode laser treatment causes cyclodestruction, destroying a portion of the ciliary body, a structure in the eye which produces aqueous fluid. This can reduce the amount of fluid produced and therefore reduce pressure inside the eye. The laser energy is directed to the ciliary body via a probe that is held against the wall of the eye. This procedure is most commonly used on eyes where other forms of surgery would be difficult or likely to fail. Although the treatment is usually effective, more than one treatment is sometimes required.

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Oral cancer in particular is a highly prevalent neoplasm. Standard treatment for most of the tumors is radical surgery combined with stage-based neo-/adjuvant therapy. ... Widely used lasers in oral and maxillofacial tumor surgery are the CO2 laser, the Er:YAG laser, the Nd:YAG laser and the KTM laser.

Image result for laser procedure for oral tumors

Surgical Procedures
Rental of lasers ENT, OCCULAR and OTHER

  • Stapedotomy
  • Dacryocystorhinostomy  DCR
  • Microlanryngoscopy
  • Stenoses
  • Papillomas
  • Oral Tumors
  • Excisions/Ablations
  • Ocular vascularizations
  • Cyclodiode
  • Facial & Legs veins